Sankatana Power Up!


Sankatana Power Up! enhances energy levels, and may decrease lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue.


Liselo Labs designed Sankatana Power Up! Honey Syrup using all natural active ingredients that increase energy and stamina levels, and may decrease lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue during exercise.

Power Up! increases both performance and stamina in all vigorous activities, including athletics and sport. It works in several ways, including:

  • Oxidative performance. Be assured, the all-natural formulation in Sankatana Power Up! does not contain any banned substances, however some research says that up to 5% increase in oxidative performance is gained from Power Up!’s anti-inflammatory effect alone!
  • A second benefit is that Power Up! is known to reduce blood pressure, and this allows for improved pressure differences so that the parts of your body that need a higher pressure are able to get it.
  • A third effect is to reduce the buildup of too much lactic acid crystals in muscles. This delays the start of muscle burn when training, and also allows for more rapid recovery after exercise. 
  • A fourth benefit of Power Up is the direct and instant energy provided by honey.

Treats / improves:

  • Stamina & Endurance
  • Increased energy
  • Post training recovery
  • Reduces pain from bruises and injuries.

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