How Sankatana Works

Liselo Labs have developed a revolutionary range of egg-extract and turmeric honey syrups, containing various active ingredients that target a range of conditions. Some of these products are currently being evaluated in dietary trials in COVID-19 patients.

Read on to see how these products work.

A brief introduction to Liselo Labs, manufacturer of Sankatana products

Liselo Labs is an African research and diagnostics laboratory with a presence in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and Angola. The growing research team at Liselo consists of molecular biologists, microbiologists, biochemists, zoologists, veterinarians, farmers, biomedical technicians,  telecommunications experts, information systems engineers, traditional healers and nanotechnology engineers.  Collectively, members of our team have published more than 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals and many more in the popular press. The team represents the core competencies that have allowed Liselo Labs to rapidly develop a broad range of innovative solutions within developing world contexts.

Liselo collaborates closely in Africa with the CSIR, DTI, University of Cape Town (UCT) and University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), whilst our overseas partners include Praedicare Laboratories (Texas), and Harvard University (Boston).

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Our dynamic research capacity facilitated the development of novel targeted therapeutics in the clinical and veterinary space. As a result of our research, we have a range of targeted therapeutics across various species, including humans. Our human products are explained below.

Sankatana OriginalSankatana Original

The active ingredients in Sankatana Original have been clinically demonstrated to act as anti-inflammatories, and as such, may rapidly alleviate symptoms such as coughing, headache, tightness of chest and difficulty breathing, which are common symptoms in diseases such as COVID-19, Influenza, Asthma and Pneumonia.

The modes-of-action of Sankatana ingredients include:

  • Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies which may inhibit SARS-CoV-2 viruses from gaining entry into human cells (inhibits viral entry through binding to conserved regions of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein responsible for viral entry and/or subsequent endosomal escape and hence cell entry.)
  • May reduce lung inflammation in patients with COVID-19 and alleviate allergies (Predicted reduction in severe mast cell activated immunopathology (see 
  • May assist with reducing systemic inflammation (see (predicted inhibition of NF-kB activation/dysregulation.)

The information generated from the use of this syrup may facilitate a better understanding of SARS-CoV-2 infections and diseases caused by coronaviruses in general.

Sankatana CoviGuardSankatana CoviGuard

May assist with reduction of the cytokine storm associated with moderate to severe respiratory disease.

A few diseases have high morbidity and mortality rates because they trigger an inappropriate immune response in a patient. Viral diseases like influenza and COVID-19, can trigger these kinds of severe immune responses in some patients, which does more harm than good. CoviGuard works by inhibiting Mast cell degranulation, which is the primary cause of “cytokine” storms seen in immunopathologies like severe COVID-19 disease.  

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Sankatana Neuro-BoostSankatana Neuro-Boost

May reduce inflammation in the brain, resulting in a reduction of symptoms associated with brain fog and fatigue.

Brain inflammation can result from a variety of infections, including gut infections, and is, amongst other things, responsible for cognitive dysfunctions/symptoms including migraines, brain fog, compromised motor skills, poor concentration, memory loss and fatigue.

Studies conducted in COVID-19 patients who have recovered have also shown significant short and long-term changes to brain functioning, primarily linked to a prolonged inflamed state, during and post-recovery from mild to severe COVID-19 disease.

Sankatana Gut-BoosterSankatana Gut-Booster

May assist with reducing mucosal inflammation in the small and large intestine, and the inhibition of opportunistic pathogens.

Many gut disorders are caused by localized inflammation in the lining (mucosa) of the small and large intestine. This inflammation has many causes, from bad diet to localized infection. The effect of this inflammation can affect the whole body, from headaches to aches and pains, to depression, to diarrhea.

Gut Booster works by directly inhibiting inflammatory markers in the gut mucosa, and in combination with polyclonal antibodies that target opportunistic pathogens.

Sankatana Stress-EezeSankatana Stress-Eeze

May reduce overstimulation of the brain by afferent nerves terminating in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in a reduction of symptoms associated with brain fog and fatigue.

Many studies have linked the over(hyper)stimulation of afferent (sensory) nerves in the gastrointestinal tract, including the esophagus and small intestine, to various cognitive dysfunctions, including brain fog and extreme fatigue. This is particularly prevalent, post-recovery from a bout of infectious respiratory disease. See Mitigating Long-Term COVID-19 Consequences on Brain Health

These cognitive dysfunctions include OCD, ADHD, depressive disorders, autism spectrum disorders and anxiety.  A common strategy to counteract this aberrant nerve stimulation from the gut is to reduce the activity of certain centers of the brain, through the use of psychoactive inhibitory drugs.  

Neuro-Boost acts by inhibiting hypersensitized sensory nerve endings (afferent nerves) in the gut, thus preventing the signals being generated that would normally overstimulate certain regions of the brain.  Neuro-Boost does this both in the esophagus which can start taking effect within a few minutes, and in the small intestine which can take up to 20 minutes to take effect.

Sankatana Power Up!Sankatana Power Up!

A sports supplement that enhances energy levels, and may decrease lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue.

Power Up! has a number of modes of action that impact on sport performance.  The anti-inflammatory effects which act as mast cell inhibitors have a similar effect to banned substances like Beta-blockers.  The all-natural formulation, however, is not a banned substance.  Some research suggests that up to 5% increase in oxidative performance with this mode of action is achieved. See more at

A secondary effect of the anti-inflammatory agents in Power Up!, is to reduce the buildup of excessive lactic acid crystals in muscles. This is achieved by limiting the activation of a factor called NF-kB, which is responsible for stimulating muscle glycolytic metabolism.  This delays the onset of muscle burn when training, and also allows for more rapid recovery post-exercise

Why Birds?

Coronaviruses naturally infect some bird species which have developed resistance and protect their offspring through antibodies deposited into eggs.  We propose that similar protection can be naturally extended to humans through passive immunity.  Liselo labs have produced and characterized avian antibodies that directly bind to the receptor-binding domain(RBD) of SARS-CoV-2, and are able to neutralize viral entry in sVNT studies in-vitro.  Consequently, Liselo Labs developed its first Sankatana products, the Sankatana yogurt and what is now the “Original” Syrup, containing these antibodies that may hypothetically reduce the immune response triggered by COVID-19, and also directly target the virus to facilitate clearance.